borneoco − our mission our values

our mission

Borneoco's aim is to enable artists in non-Western countries to create their own contemporary productions and show the results to a European audience. With this, we hope to kindle interest in the actual situation of the countries in which the artists live and work.

our values

We focus on contemporary art and culture, because
  • we want to challenge the exotic stereotype of non-Western culture in Europe. Traditional and folkloristic images still dominate the European perception of non-Western performing arts, whereas culture “over there” is on the move and often abounds in interesting and high-quality modern art. Odd though it seems in our era of globalisation, art from the “South” is all too often only deemed fit for a European audience when its exotic origin is clearly recognizable. Borneoco wants to present the European audiences with a more up-to-date view of non-Western art.
  • it is not always easy for artists in non-Western countries to realise their projects in the field of modern performing art. Usually, very little money is available for art and culture in general, let alone for modern art.