borneoco: curators, organizers, producers of the following events

2009: Julidans
Contemporary dance from China: Living Dance Studio with both the normal and an eight hour version of Memory; “dinner stories” with Wu Wenguang (Living Dance Studio) and Robyn Orlin (South Africa); a continuation of the Artists’ Lab program with young dance makers from different cultures and backgrounds, facilitated by Bertha Bermudez (Emio Greco| PC) and housed in Amsterdam’s new Bijlmer Parktheater.
2008: Julidans
contemporary dance from China: Zuhe Niao with The Left Cheek; “dinner stories” with Akram Khan and Zhang Xian (Zuhe Niao’s director − in collaboration with the International Institute For Asian Studies IIAS MIXED: performances and films resulting from the artist's lab 2007; workshops and performances in Southeast Amsterdam, with Krater Theater.
2008: Go China! Assen-Groningen
from May − October 2008, each 3rd Friday of the month, Borneoco will present a documentary preceded by a short lecture in the Groninger Museum. On July 3rd in Groningen an evening on contemporay performing arts from China with several members of Zuhe Niao and Li Ning with dinner and visit to exhibition.
2008: china−hair connection Peking − Cologne.
borneoco is consultant for this crosscultural performance and installation project which will be realized 2008 in Bejing and Cologne by Angie Hiesl & Roland Kaiser in collaboration with the Living Dance Studio
2007: Julidans
contemporary dance from India. Performances by The Chandralekha Group, Attakkalari, workshops in Southeast Amsterdam in collaboration with Krater Theater; Moving forward − working together in contemporary dance − a seminar on cross−cultural collaboration (organized together with IIAS) and an artist's lab with 10 young dancemakers from around the world. Both the seminar and the artist's lab took a close and critical look at the (im) possibilities of intercultural cooperation in contemporary dance and theatre.
2006: Julidans
a China programme with performances by the Living Dance Studio (Report on 37.8°), Zuhe Niao (Tongue's Memory of Home) and a site-specific performance in Amsterdam Chinatown. In the Theatre Institute we organized the expert meeting Moving forward: contemporary dance in China. with several guests from the official and independent Chinese “dance scene” −in collaboration with IIAS.
2006: Layla and Majnun
three evenings with contemporary music, dance, literature, and performances based on the ancient Persian love story of Layla and Majnun for Tropentheater, Amsterdam
2004: Julidans
two performances by the Living Dance Studio (Beijing): Report on Giving Birth and Report on Body
2002: Young and Posithiv
a program on young people and HIV/AIDS, with debates, a panel discussion, hip−hop music, performances and documentaries for Tropentheater, Amsterdam
2001: arts against aids
research for a programme on the use of performing arts as a medium to provide information on HIV/AIDS in India, southern Africa and central America for KIT (Royal Tropical Institute), Amsterdam.
2001: the power of religion
7 evenings on the role and position of women in various religions with music, story−telling, debates and interviews, films and documentaries for Tropentheater, Amsterdam
2001: Club Asia
a programme on homosexuality in Asian cultures with documentaries, a talk show, food and music as a part of the Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe festival for the World Arts Museum, Rotterdam.
1999: Chinese Characters
a programme on recent developments in Chinese arts with contemporary dance, theatre, movies and documentaries, debates, a visual arts exhibition. Guests: Living Dance Studio, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Youdai, Ellen Pau, Bima Dance Company, Chowee Leow. For Tropentheater Amsterdam and venues in Eindhoven, The Hague and Antwerp.
1997: India 50 years of independence
a theatre season on tradition and change in the arts with dance and theatre performances, literature, a visual arts exhibition, music, films, a debate for Tropentheater Amsterdam and various other venues in the Netherlands.
Zuhe Niao - The Left CheekThe Left Cheek by Zuhe Niao The Left Cheek by Zuhe Niaochina-hair connection Peking-Cologne Sharira by The Chandralekha Group, photo Sadanand Menon Sharira by The Chandralekha Group, photo Sadanand Menon Report on 37.8 by the Living Dance Studio, photo Ricky Wong Report on 37.8 by the Living Dance Studio, photo Ricky Wong Report on Body by the Living Dance Studio, photo Ricky Wong Report on Body by the Living Dance Studio, photo Ricky Wong