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our mission

CultureXpress specifically supports contemporary performing arts and kindred disciplines (like documentary film) in the South. Our partners perfect their skills as professionals, while working on socially relevant subjects. CultureXpress strives to strengthen the position of these artists and their organizations. As they contribute to the local diversity of the arts, they strengthen civil society in their own countries.

CultureXpress offers her non-European partners a foothold in The Netherlands and other European countries, by putting their work on stage here. In addition, to promote mutual understanding, we organize exchange and collaboration programmes, so that artists from different worlds can learn from and inspire each other.

our values

Before we state our values in our own words, we are proud to quote the following statements of two of our non-European partners:

It is our conviction that in order to improve the quality of performing arts, of independent film-making and of society at large we need young people who can think as individuals, who are creative and have imagination, who dare to explore real emotions (and not those prescribed by the government) and who want to make new and interesting productions and films for real people.

We will need a multitude of artistic expressions and not only the more commercialised shows that are popular at the moment. We also have to explore new forms and themes in the performing arts and confront the audience with performances that swim against the current of the marketplace and make them think.

CultureXpress completely agrees with the aforesaid. We are convinced that modern art, in challenging taboos and broaching controversial subjects, offers a valuable contribution to the construction of civil society in the South.

Regrettably the artists in this field often experience great difficulty in finding the necessary means for their projects. The budget for art in their countries is limited, and what little there is, is invested in “safe”, i.e. non-controversial forms of art like traditional music or folk dance. Contemporary artists don't usually share in the (small) arts budget supplied by their government. This is not only because artistic disciplines like abstract art, video art and installations, are little known and little loved in their countries, but also because the artists deal with thorny subjects like social and environmental problems and the process of democratisation.

CultureXpress wants to stress the importance of support to groups and individual artists who innovate and are devoted to developing their artistic disciplines, while taking up serious subject matter. Lively discussions about form and content of art and culture are an essential part of any civil society under construction. We are convinced that the pioneering artists who dare to innovate and diversify the artistic landscape in their countries deserve our support. Development cannot do without culture!

highlighting a different shade

CultureXpress doesn't limit herself to giving local support to independent artists and groups in the South. We also strive to show their work in The Netherlands and other European countries, often via Borneoco. European audiences benefit from the experience, as their often rather one−sided image of countries in the South is enriched by a different approach. Preferably, we stage “our” artists on mainstream−festivals and in well-known theatres, to bring new audiences into easy contact with actual themes in non-Western countries.

cross−cultural collaboration

A paradoxical result of globalisation is that many countries and (ethnic) groups tend to become more inward-looking. As a counterpoise to this self-centredness we promote projects of collaboration and exchange between artists from all over the world. In these programmes (south−north, as well as south−south) we focus more on the process than on the results, as we see an inherent value in the collaboration itself. This cultural exchange breeds mutual understanding, sparks new ideas and enriches the lives of individual participants.