about zuhe niao

Borneoco acts as European agent for Zuhe Niao, a physical theatre company from China.

Zuhe Niao (“Niao Collective”) was established in Shanghai in 2005 as playwright / director Zhang Xian and 4 young dancers got together with various video and music artists to create Tongue's Memory of Home. Zuhe Niao does not want to limit itself to a certain style but creates pieces without set boundaries, so the result will be different and new each time. In order to realize this, Niao was established as an open collective: the basic line-up is a group of professional and amateur artists from various disciplines, but members are not fixed and different people participate in productions each time.

Tongue's Memory of Home was in 2006 invited to perform at Julidans, Amsterdam and the Zuercher Theater Spektakel, where they won the ZKB Patronage Prize for young, innovative companies. In 2007 they performed in Salzburg (SommerSzene), Berlin (Hebbel Theater) and Rome (Festival RomaEuropa).

Zuhe Niao premiered their second piece (January 2007) The Left Cheek with support of the Prince Claus Fund from the Netherlands. The Left Cheek was presented in Salzburg (2007) and has been staged in Amsterdam, in Julidans 2008.

For more information on Zuhe Niao check their own website:www.zuheniao.com or contact Borneoco (also for bookings): info@borneoco.nl

The Left Cheek by Zuhe Niao